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I wish you a warm welcome in my shop for various impressive health products. Health is our greatest asset!

Restore health and get healthy again, that is my goal! For this reason, I offer extraordinary Earthing products, a Zhendong Master, who is responsible for a profound vibration massage, and many other health items or equipment in my shop that I use personaly since many years. Do you want to learn more about  particular "Earthing"  we are happy to help you!

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For a better well-being we offer Power Tube and Earthing-sheets.

In my shop you will find only high quality health products that accompany me for many years in my work and day to day life. Zhendong Master for a right-handed vibration massage, the Power Tube or PowerQuick Zap, which I myself regularly use - the products offered here have been proven in constant use in operability and reliability as well as in durability. You are interested in our Earthing sheets, Earthing bedsheets and other grounding products that amongst other effects will give you extra power? Visit our Shop and make your choice. Take the time to look around in the individual store categories. In case you have any questions feel free to contact me. My english is reasonable so I will help you.

Earthing mat and other ground products on offer.

As an official supplier for earthing products in Germany and Europe you can find in the webshop:

a premium Earthing mat
a snuggly Earthing sleeping bag
and many other Earthing products

Get a comprehensive overview and be inspired by our offers. Are you interested specifically in a Zhendong vibration massage, we have prepared a lot of information in our shop for you. Earthing sheets for a good night's sleep

The Earthing items are probably the most important development in the health sector of this century! As a direct importer and wholesaler, we offer maximum availability, detailed advice about the offered products and fast delivery of Earthing-sheets and various other Earthing accessories. With our products you will be able to sleep grounded in future. You will love it! Are you interested in renting a power tube, you're welcome at

All products are usually in stock. Orders are processed immediately and usually shipped the same day.

Contact us if you have any questions about Earthing and other health products. Since I run a Natural Healing Center, I might not be available immediately. Please leave a message at our office and leave your name and phone number. I´ll call you back.  Telephone: ++49(0)7223/800 68 42; Fax ++49(0)7223/800 68 43;mail:

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Would you do something for your health, you will find in my shop recommended products. Would you like especially outstanding Earthing products for the perfect night's sleep, you will find it here. We will go out of our way to satisfy your needs! Resellers are welcome!